Men VS Women *LoL*

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1a) Women take 5 minutes to back in to a parking space or driveway.

1b) Men take 5 seconds for the very same act.

2a) A woman's household expectations of a man: wash the cars, change the light bulb, and cut the grass.

2b) A man's household expectations of a woman: clean, "fulfill the rated R duties", and cook.

3a) When it rains, women use their umbrella and run to their cars to not get their fresh-out-of-the-salon hair wet.

3b) When it rains, men have not an umbrella in sight and they casually walk to their cars as if on the beach.

4) A woman's relaxation time consists of: a day at the spa.

4b) A man's relaxation time consists of: sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching the game.

5a) A night out with his woman, a man wears: jeans, dress shoes, buttoned up shirt, and a baseball cap.

5b) A night out with her man, a woman wears: pencil skirt, high heels, and a peek-a-boo blouse

6a) A woman's conversation go something like "Omg Susie! You won't believe the price of these pairs of shoes I got on sale! They were a steal!"

7b) A man's conversation go something like "Hahaha! My team won! Hey buddy, don't forget that bet we made!"

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