Men’s EID Collection 2014

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Men’s EID Collection 2014

Eid is the event for the celebration of happiness. After the Holy month of Ramadan Muslims are rewarded with a special gift from Allah Subhanwatallah this is known as Eid --ul-Fittar. Eid day is very special for everyone, not only the children are exited on this day but the teens and elders are also busy in the all the arrangement for this day. As girls/women are conscious about their dress, shoes, all the accessories for this day, as well as men are also intrusted for their eid dress, shoes etc. for men Islam also teach us about this day to be prepare and dress up well and go for Prayer and meet all people around you this is called the Brotherhood. So everyone should prepare himself for this special occasion.

Here are I am going to show some men’s dressing ideas for the EID,



2.  T-Shirts


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