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Milk is perfect food for children , Adults and for everyone in this world milk is necessary for him for his diet.


When a baby take birth .it is necessary that his mother give him milk doctors say that (The milk of mother is necessary for babies from this a baby built up and this milk act as antibody again the diseases).As it is trend know a day mother did not give there own milk to there babies they give him (Lactogen) from these thing a baby built up but is not like those .


Milk is food for every stage of life. It is white in colours. Milk can be obtain from many sources. The best milk which is obtain from cows and buffaloes. Milk contain all the vitamins. Know a days milk can be obtain in industries either in dry or liquid form this milk also have all the vitamins but it is not perfect like the natural milk.                                 


From the scientist it is proof that (Milk have germs of many diseases).The milk of goat has the germs of yellow fever and the milk of cow contain the germ of tuberculosis.

We can must says that without milk our life is not possible. because milk can be used every product of life. The main product of milk are curd ,butter, ghee, cream and cheese without these life is impossible in this world.


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