Mind boggling game and Life

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Crossword puzzle is a game that either entertains you or annoys you. As for me, it entertains as well as annoys me. It entertains me if I was able to answer most of it and annoys me if could hardly answer. lol


Playing crossword puzzle is truly a mind boggling. You think you got the right answer but you end up changing it to what you think the "right answer" and keep changing it til you get the "real" right answer. Just like it life. Life gives you a problem to solve and many ways to solve it but you have to find out the best way to solve the problem.

Some answers may seem right at the beginning but as time goes by you'll find that there is a better answer. You sometimes feel frustrated and want to give up. But I tell you: Just keep going. You sometimes look back to check if you committed mistakes and sometimes you may try to change when you think you've made a mistake and sometimes the the last option though not always the best is to start all over again.

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