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About Us Jobs Click_Copy_Paste (Seo Google) No need to fast typing speed - Just is hard!
About Us Jobs Click_Copy_Paste (Seo Google) Note: For those who already know how to do this same thing in Seosprint registered should register to add this page it has more features + no task banned IP Vietnam.
Work for all objects that use computers connected to the Internet.
No typing skills required for the job just click - Copy and Paste.
Purpose of work:
See banner ads on websites all, to drive traffic to that site.
Web hosting companies will pay for you when you complete the task.
The main tasks:
The work consists of three steps:
Step 1: Search on google "keyword" ready to lead the Web to be found
Step 2: Go to the site and then click on the web banner ads,
Step 3: Copy the web link along with the IP address of your computer, finished paste (Paste) in the reporting category.
Done, wait for the web to confirm all tasks are completed on the deposit.

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