Moscow is Loser in Syria?

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Syria’s Assad regime is only Arab ally Russia has left, but in support of it Kremlin is losing friends in Arab League as whole. Moscow is in dilemma, and its desperation as well as impotence was evidenced by its call for Syria peace conference in Russia which was quickly dismissed by all, except the Assad regime. Moscow is probably making a mistake. Although the future in Syria is not clear, its past, as defined by current Assad regime, will not be part of that future. Further, Moscow is both in substance and image aligning itself in manner that is being seen as fearful of the “Arab Change.” Moscow’s threat to veto Arab League plan and resolution on Syria will become an iconic memory dismantling much of Russia’s standing - seen to be clinging to hollow monuments of Arab authoritarianism. This drama of Moscow’s rapidly mutating role/position in the Arab world will be as much on display as the more specific case of Syria in the debate before the UN Security Council in just a few hours at the UN Security Council. Read - Syria Confrontation/UN Security Council? | Film Annex We will be Tweeting from the debate and drama. Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey - FOLLOW mo @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook-Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect”

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