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We bring here, the 7 most amazing colorful places of nature, we give a little of this wonderful gift that brings us our beautiful planet.We found throughout our planet earth, countless exceptional places, majestic destinations and unique landscapes. We are sure that in your country, dazzling places will be found to present that will surely swell with pride. This time, we decided to bring some of those places that give us much more, those landscapes that thanks to combinations ecosystem boxes become shades you might think are not real.Often, incredible colors are produced by the color of algae that are on the bottom and have contact with alkaline soils, bacteria that generate reactions in water or by the effect of changing seasons that make bud and blossom beautiful fields and hills.We anticipate that these beautiful places selected are located in China, Japan, Australia, USA, Holland, Tanzania and Colombia. Advances in the article to find out if maybe you know any of them and you can give us your opinion or if perhaps it’s time to do with your travel agency a plan to go to the nearest location.We invite you to discover some of these places in the world, dominating for its exceptional beauty, glow depending on the time of year and who generously welcome visitors. Here they are:


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