Mother's Love

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One reason for this is to bring in the world that he is a child of a mother who at first until your stomach is within nine months after it gives birth after how many adversities it brings in this world. At the same time, many of the mothers are from when he was a child where this mortal world, my birth are doing it to say. It is the existence of a mother who all of her children without any goal, is a lifetime benefit. It is in this world, after all it is his service as a nurse  her Greens is is living in this world teaches.

At the feet of the Holy Mother, and that is why God put all of a home's paradise show is mother's mother is like a house without a cemetery, if a person does his or her entire life, even then they did not give the mother's services began in revenge can never become a mother who gives birth, why mum suffering told that his services if a person lives Even then, the  also cannot unload a revenge.

Mother takes their children ever hungry but left hungry for himself everything that does not bear the heat away from their children, but there is a. It's not that bad, but his mother never save million will always will say its definitions. I pray Allah protect them all free of the shadow of the mothers always remained until the day of resurrection.

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