Mutan ka Jwan(episode#3)

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Khan of Multan said,”take it easy.i will admitted your sons with my son in Multan school.”Nwaz Gul became very happy and said,”I will never forget your mercifully on me.” When Nawaz Gull and his both sons had been gone then Jabbar said to his son,”Zahid, Shahzad and Saqib will go to school together.”But he was unhappy.He said to his father,”Dad, they are poor.” Father said to his son,”you can’t tell alike.They are very gentle mans.” Zahid beat the chair with his leg and went to his bedroom with saying,”they are my foot.”
On the next day when Zahid ,Shahzad and Saqib went to school.Shahzad was very happy.But Zahid was angry and Saqib was funny. Hero takes first position in the school and his friend and Zahid just pass exam.
Shahzad Become a police inspector,when he went to their officer.Their officer was Tahira.He said him,”firstly we were friend but now iam officer of you.”Then he became very happy.He said him,”basically you have weak body but I will give permission to you for run the gun in any difficulties.After all I am friend.Now you will go from here.”He said him,”thanks.”
He reached to Saqib and said their pleasure to him.

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