My Aim in Life(Teaching)

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                                                   My Aim in life

                                   “A person who has no aim in life

                                    is like a ship without destination”

    So aim is very important in life.It is like a guiding star.It provides direction for our attempts.Our aimbation makes us active and energetic in life,without them man is fruitless tree.

     There are as many aims as men.Some wants to be doctors,others to be engineers,some wants to be civil and military officers,others to be poet and  novelist but I desire to be a teacher.

                                     “God has regarded teachers as light houses

                                     Who are responsible for the betterment of

                                                     whole generation”

  There are several reasons for my choice.First,teaching is a noble profession.The best people in the world are those who teach others.Engineers build grand buildings,roads and dams,Doctors treat the patients and puts life into deads,Civil officers run the administration,Military officers defend the country but it is the teacher who has made them to do so.

      A teacher is an engineer maker,a doctor maker and officer maker.Secondly by adopting this profession,I will be able to lead a life of learning.A man can serve his nation well if he is intrusted in his work.

                       “A teacher is like a ladder which is fixed

                         at one place but helps other to rise high”

    To achieve my aim,I will work day and night.I devote all my time to study.I hope to produce good citizens.Whatever others of my aim.I am satisfied with it.It is according to my taste and nature.

                                        “An aim if reached or not makes great the life”

      I want to be a teacher because the greatest personality of this world for whom the God created this world was the teacher and his teachings give me the inspirations  to adopt this profession.Teaching is that profession which lighten our innerself so the teacher is like a doctor who removes he ignorance of mind.

                              “The greatest work in the world is to show right path to others"

So being a teacher I can do this work.

               “Future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their  dreams”

      I hope that oneday I will achieve my target but for this I will work hard                        

                                 “Man is created by God,nourished by his parents

and prepared mently,intellectually,morally

and spiritually by his teacher”

     So the teacher plays the most important role in the lifeo f a man.I try my best to get my dream true.Now I pray to Allah that He gives me strength to fulfil my duty with devotion and dedication and I could provide such man this nation who could meet the challenges of the time and could raise the nation to the heights of glory.

‘’If we struggle for the sky,

The sun will be in our way’’

‘’Aim is like a southern star which is

responsible for the guidance of man’’




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