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Dear México:

My country is wonderful,it has a good and bad side.We have a lot of culture to know ,gargeous landscapes and we don´t have to talk about the food,because it is the best in the world.The delicious enchiladas,mole,ball met and pozoles etc...

México has beautiful and fantastic pyramids for example(Teotuhuacan,Tajín and Merida)

They are incredible.My beautiful country has that rhytm and cha cha cha on dance.We as Mexicans dance with our hearts.the mexicans are versatile,pouring and funny.

There are beautiful beaches,in our country.Yhe monument of revolution is really height  and "Latinoamericana" it´s too many mariachis playing at the girl friends balconies and gladening of parties.The mexican is very clown,and good dancer,he is espotaneous and glutton. That is my México dancing by sounds of the marimba.


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