My Favorite Sports and How to getting bitMiles Loyalty Point using Bit-Miles site

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Hello all friends in bitLanders, Hello admin bitLanders. How are you today ?? Are you happy ?? , Are you OK ?? I hope so. On this occasion I will write a blog about my favorite sports and how you can get bitMiles Loyalty Point in addition to using bitLanders site. For you to get the bitMiles Loyalty Point is able to use the bitLanders site, but if you want to get extra bitMiles Loyalty Point you can sign up on the website of the bit-miles.

How to start getting bitMiles Loyalty Point on the website of the bit-miles? Here I will give a little bit of an easy way to register on the website of bit-miles.

How to Register on Bit-Miles site

Before you join on bit-Miles site, first you must know what bit-Miles is. You can see the video below if you want to know what bit-Miles is.

((Video Source Taken from Youtube and created by Saori-Sam))

After you see that video, now you ready to join on bit-Miles site. The first step you should do to register on the bit-Miles site. To sign up the bit-miles site you can login in your bitLanders account first. After you sign in on your bitLanders account, the you'll see the Home page of bitLanders and you will view the link to start sign up bit-Miles, usually the link located beside the blog promotion that get 5 stars. You simply click the picture "Start Collection" and automatically will appear a new tab page and wait a while until the bit-Miles website opened.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bitLanders and edited by me))

But if you do not get the Start Collecting button, you can go directly to the official address of the bit-Miles site by click this link

After the Home page of bit-Miles site is appear, you're ready to register on the bit-miles site. To register of the bit-Miles site you can simply press Join now! button. and you can follow the next steps.


((Image Source : Screenshot from Bit-miles site and edited by me))

After you click Join now! button, you will be directed to a place to register on bit-Miles site, here you will be given the option to sign up via email that you have or you can use your facebook account. If you create your bitLanders account  use email before, you should register in the bit-Miles using the same email account with your bitlanders account. Meanwhile, if you sign up bitLanders using your facebook account, you should register in the bit-Miles using the same facebook account with your bitLanders account. You simply fill out the registration form including the email, password and Retype your password. After that you click the Register Now button.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))

If you success to join on bit-Miles site you will see a display bit-Miles as shown below. After you successfully log in here right now let's start to Collect bitMiles Loyalty Point.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))

These features of bit-Miles site that you can see in the video below.

((Video Source Taken from Youtube and created by Saori-Sam))

After you successfully to the final step here, it is very easy to get bitMiles Loyalty Point. To get bitMiles Loyalty Point you just answer the questions that given by the system. Here there are a lot of themes from a variety of questions that you can answer, and every answer you give, you will given the reward 30 bitMiles and more. Each day there will be a survey that you must answer if you want to get bitMiles Loyalty Point more.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))

That's the short ways that you can do to get bitMiles Loyalty Points using bit-Miles site, if you are still confused in my way you can contact me via message feature that available in bitLanders site. My account name in bitLanders is Arjun-Saskar.

Double Rewards Promotion

After discussing how to get bitMiles Loyalty Point in bit-Miles site. Now I'll tell you how to increase revenue in your bitMiles Loyalty Point using bitLanders site. As we all know, that the current buzz deal or exchange buzz on the microblog will not increase your BuzzScore in Bitlanders. To increase your income in bitLanders you can do this by create an original blog content and submit it for review. Recently Micky-the-slanted-salerno has announced on his blog about the event of double rewards. By writing blogs with the theme Blog about Sports and Social Good and earn Double Rewards and you submit it for review and if Hillary-Summers give stars to your blog then you will get double direct buzz.

1 star you will get direct buzz  +2 for 5 days
2 stars you will get direct buzz +4 for 5 days
3 stars you will get direct buzz +6 for 5 days
4 stars you will get direct buzz +10 for 5 days
5 stars you will get direct buzz +30 for 5 days.

((Image Source : Screenshot on bitLanders site and edited by me))

Complete the Survey on bit-Miles Site asking My Favorite Sports and How to Collect bitMiles Loyalty Point

After the blog of double reward by the titled Sports and Social Good that announceed by micky-the-slanted-salerno, I immediately tried to complete the survey by answer the question about it. From the last month the Chat Survey about Sports is asking by Micky. I am very interested about this question because I love the sports. My favorite sport is Basketball. I am always practice basketball 1 weeks in the afternoon in a field near my house. Playing basketball makes me happy.  And my favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. I will not discuss much about my hobby in basketball, but now I will give a way to collect bitMiles after answering questions about Sports. You can start the complete question by click this link Sports and Social Good Chat.

After you answer all the questions that have been given from the system, you can take the reward by clicking the COLLECT! button that located at the top right. You can see my complete answer question below. 

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me)) 

My Chat about Sports and Social Good

This is the result of my screenshot when completing the Survey on Sport and Social Good at bit-Miles site. Okay, I'll give you a little explanation about every answer I gave. Here we are given eight questions that must be completed to obtain more bitMiles Loyalty Point. On the first question I get 30 bm and the next question I get 150 bm. Every answer you give will get bitMiles Loyalty Point is always increasing.

On the first question I asked about What is your favorite sport?
My favorite sport is Basketball, besides actually play basketball, I am also play Soccer. But I have now played Basketball more often than played Soccer. Basketball is a simple game just shoot ball into the ring. But it is need a compact team. In my position play basketball is called SHOOTING GUARD, is a position in front and focus to shoot ball, in this position will select the best players with the best ball shot. 

On the second question I asked about How Often do you play basketball?
I often to play basketball near my home and on campus. I have my own schedule to play basketball that every 1 week on Saturday. 

On the third question I asked about Have you ever played a smartphone basketball game?
Since I use Android system in my smartphone so I have downloaded the game of basketball in my smartphone through the Google Play Store, in addition to playing basketball in the real, I often play a game of basketball on my smartphone.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))

On the fourth question I asked about Have you ever seen a Basketball game in person?
I've seen a few games of basketball but just around my country ( INDONESIA ). I've never seen a game of basketball in the NBA. I hope one day I can watch the game of basketball in the NBA directly.

On the fifth question I asked about How interesting do you find the NBA?
I am very interested in watching the NBA ( National Basketball Association ) games, although only on television but the game was very exciting, a lot of great players with great skill compete there.

On the sixth question I asked about Have you ever heard of NBA Cares?
Aside from being a national unity basketball, NBA also conduct social activities that donated for 100 us dollars more, donate 1 million hours of hands, and has built more than 250 orphanages for children that can still learn and play together. And there are many more that have been done in the NBA for charity.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))

On the seventh question I asked about How can a sport star give back to his community?
In a sport many things that can be learned, but in my opinion the most important thing when we play sports is Leadership, because every player in demand to be able to lead themselves, and a captain team of course he should be able to lead the members of his team.

On the eighth question I asked about Did you know about NBA Cares programs for Youths?
Many things have been done the NBA to help young people who are less able to stay in school and have a place to learn and play. On 13 December, the NBA opened a place to hone children's skills to play basketball. They hope these children can be younger generation better good than before.

((Image Source : Screenshot from bit-Miles site and edited by me))


That's my original blog about Sports and Social Good. Arjun-Saskar saying see you in the next blog. Ta Ta for now.

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