My Favorite Themes In Gaming - Dudley's Theme - SSF4

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Video games mean a lot to me. I'm sure they do to a lot of people. And one thing you're going to hear in games of the electronic variety is the music. Video game music is just as iconic as the music you'd hear in theatrical films or television shows. The main theme of Super Mario Bros. is just as memorable as the opening theme of Star Wars. The main theme song of Metal Gear Solid is just as cool and fast paced as Mission Impossible. And the theme of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda series is just as a important theme in the history of fantasy as the opening theme music to Game of Thrones.

So I guess this a little blog segment I'm going to do every week or so where I quickly highlight a song or music segment from a video game that means a lot to me. And just so you'll know, I'll be visiting the Street Fighter and Tekken series of games very often.

So let's start with a character's theme that I enjoy quite a lot from the Street Fighter series. Growing up watching the pay per view fights of Mike Tyson in the late 80s and early 90s, and playing games like Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Super Punch Out, you could say I had an affinity for boxing. For some reason though, the character Balrog in Street Fighter never seemed to interest me that much when I was younger. I was more interested in ferocious and outlandish looking characters like Blanka. But then along came Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and not really finding any other characters to latch onto with the new roster, I settled upon this new boxer, an seeming replacement for Balrog in my opinion, named Dudley. 

Not only were his moves fantastic and powerful, not only did he have an amazing stage presence and gravitas that was on par with Ryu and Ken (the man was an absolute gentleman), but his music was like this eclectic dance floor theme that not only made you want to get your groove on, but also hit someone with a rolling thunder super art! I was enthralled to say the least, and I knew I wanted to master this character. More so than that, I wanted to hear his awesome theme song again and again. And I still enjoy it greatly to this day.

Years later Super Street Fighter 4 is released on the Xbox 360 and at first, I'm not quite digging Dudley's remix the same way I'm enjoying Sakura or Cammy's new themes (more on them later). But the more I hear it, the more I'm inclined to take part in what the track's DJ is encouraging me to do. Get on the dance floor. And I can't even dance!

 And so that ends this first part. This is a post I made very spontaneously, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while. For all you gamers out there, or those who just like nice music, I hope you enjoyed it, because I intend to do a lot more of these!