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  •             My First Blog About My City Karachi                       (Image Source : Facebook)
                 Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is the 22nd largest city of the world. And with approximately 23.5 million Population 19th largest Country. Karachi Rank is 7th largest urban are in the word. There is a saying that God made the country and man made the town. Karachi is an example of it. <3                           (Image Source : Facebook)

  • Watch video About Karachi:
                                                Here you can watch short review about Karachi. Now you can visit whole Karachi by watching this video ;) :)

                  (Video Source: Youtube)

  • Some Famous Picnic Places in Karachi:
    1. Clifton Beach:
                              The Clifton Beach is the place where tourists comes. It is located in the Arabian Sea & provides amazing scenes which are unforgettable for any person who visit this beach. There are lot of arrangements for the tourists like horse riding, bike riding, camel riding & Food Restaurants. Overall it is an amazing picnic place in my Karachi city. Me and my friends visited Clifton Beach 2 weeks ago , it was great atmosphere in the evening.. <3 

                        (Image Source : Facebook)

                                            (Image Source : My Mobile)
      (Image Source : My Mobile)
                                       (Image Source : My Mobile)

    2. Zoo:
               Karachi zoo is located in the west of Karachi.
    It is the 2nd oldest zoo in Pakistan 1st is Lahore zoo.
    Most of people enjoy their zoo visit because zoo is total a different place for human being.
    There are different kinds of birds like peacock, parrot, dove, pigeon, cuckoo etc in Karachi zoo. Most of  people came in Karachi zoo to watch white lion.
    Here is white lion picture Shared by one of my friend on Facebook :)

                 (Image Source : Facebook)

  • Now i want to tell you about top universities of karachi.
    1. Nust university
    2. NED university
    3. Bahria university
    4. Iqra university
    5. Karachi university
    6. Sir syed university
    7. Isra university
    8. Habib university
    9. Hamdard university
    10. Urdu university

  •                                                                   (Image Source : Facebook)

    If we see the life of the people in the university of the people … we just see how the people learn in the universities how they spend their lives in the universities how they teach to the students.. And how the students learn from the teachers … but if I take one example then you will see as the all universities does, the universities of the Karachi also did the same. Universities providing all programs just like the engineering, medical, and technologies and some other’s just like master’s degrees in the some other subjects like Urdu English and sciences subjects and all Arts and Management sciences like MBA or etc. So students enjoy their lives in universities as teachers or as students ..

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