My first trip.

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When I knew that my study tour was going to Lahore I was really happy that day to think about that tour because its mine first tour with my class fellows. Before that I was never go to Lahore. I was very excited. We were go to Lahore this year. I really enjoyed that tour. In this tour how many places we were visited I will tell you about that and show you some beautiful pictures of this tour. Lahore is beautiful city of Pakistan. Lahore’s are called lively or hospitable people.

The first place we visited. 

First of all we were visited arfa Kareem tower. Where we were invited for education expo. First  we attended that education expo which was useful for our study. We all are students of BS IT there we learn that who to do work online an earn revenue to achieve our goals of life.  I have never ever seen this type of beautiful tower. Arfa kareem tower is a beautiful place.  My dream is that after that degree  I will get a graceful job in arfa kareem tower. Its my dream an goal.



The second place we visited.

After that expo we were very hungry we were go to Almaida pizza garden here we eat pizza with cold drink. And take some rest because that day was too much hot. When time was 4 pm. Then we move next place.

Behria town Lahore.

Behria town Lahore is a best residential place for people. It is a wonderful place for living. Here every thing which is need of a man is available there like market cinema mosque hospital school etc. we visited tow place there. in pakistan people want to live there. they said that thier dreams comes true to live their.

The grand mosque.

Mosque is religious place for Muslims. The grand mosque is a beautiful place it constructed beautifully it has a beautiful lawn. And its hall is very big near about 75 thousand people will say prayer at the same time. we visited it. it was so beautiful. these all things are made in pakistan MR malik riaz.grand

Eiffel tower.

It’s a beautiful place. If you come there you will be glad to see that place. Here we visited that tower and eat dinner with our teachers and fellows. After that we were arrived to came back our home city multan. its height was 120 meter its a copy of real eiffel tower in pakistan its a wonder ful place.


 here we eat dinner i have a pics of that hotel which was open air i love that place its sitting area was beautiful. me and my friends really like that tour we can't forget  that tour it was a beautiful time for us. every person who read this blog. he will must come pakistan and will visit that beautiful areas i hope he or her will really enjoy to come here. thanks for reading an stay with me to read that intrusting

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