My Flaxseeds Pancake

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Hi Friends,


Today I prepared a new recipe. Pancake with Flaxseeds. It is experimental. I never ate before or tasted that even. But after preparing that it tasted really good and delicious. My hubby and daughter enjoyed very much this new recipe.


Actually, few days back, I became concern about my weight gain, and started to find some serious weight loss technique online, but in that matter I was careful about the side effects and not likely to go through any costly process. By the way, I found Flaxseeds to use in a different process and apply for us to loss weight. I started following the trick from yesterday. So in that process, a good quantity of Flaxseeds need to be used to prepare a drink, but I have to eat the drink not the seeds. So I planned to use those seeds to make Pancake. And by luckily it became very tasty too.

These are the pictures of my Flaxseeds Pancake and my daughter who is enjoying these.



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