My highest ambition

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My highest ambition for the future is the merit of my word. I aspire to attain the ability to communicate

universal truths effectively through my word, in such way that my hearer has the capacity to nurture

consciousness of his/her limitations in such a way that life and hope are renewed in the individual

hearer in their own innate way. I seek to arrive at humane traits that can help transform my words

into a bridge that can unite the gap of separation, to create the space for deep connection between

those lost in inaccessibility, remoteness and isolation, to convey the message of compassion to those in

distant spaces. 
In my loudest voice, I shall call out, "We are all one—come and amalgamate in our dance of ecstasy and blend in with us. It is not a trance, the state of our being at long last has given rise to a higher level of consciousness for all of humanity. Come and do not waist a moment more, for we have waited too long, arrive at the entrance to the wonder of human capacity once she is awakened."

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