National Museum of Afghanistan a place carrying history .

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The national museum of Afghanistan has always been the main attraction of tourists as it is really older and carries lot more important and antique stuffs. This museum carries antiques from the early Buddhism and early Islam. The centre of attraction of this museum is Rabatak Inscription of King Kanishka.    

           This beautiful museum was built in 1919 by a Danish architect; it has always been very popular around central Asia because it has the antiques which are very unique and has lot of values around the world. Afghanistan has been one of the oldest cities in the world that’s why it has lot of important value regarding history. Afghanistan has seen lot of traditions and cultures over all these years. This grand museum carried 100, 00 antiques, which tells us about the history origin of Afghanistan.

            Museum has faced many wars and being mugged badly by decocts which caused 70% of loss of antiques from this museum. These antiques were mugged during the time when these antiques were on display. In year 1994 a serious fire accident took over this place because of some rocket fire caused in the military base of the museum. That incident destroyed the whole museum and very few antiques were saved and rest of them were burned under the fire. The ministry of information and culture under the president ship of Rabbani ordered 71 members of museum to shift to Kabul Hotel to rescue them from further rocketing. In year 1996 the museum staffs was done with the enumeration of left over antiques.

           Between years 2003 to 2006 the refurbishment of museum was done under which the overall renovation of museum was done with the left over antiques. All the antiques which were safely taken away from the reach of museum‘s fire were collected from there temporary place to back to their own old place from where they always belonged.           


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