Nature is the name of beauty

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There has been said “Nature is the art of God” .God has painted the picture of nature with beautiful colours and bewitching things. Beautiful and captivating things are spread all over the earth. Its beauty can be found in each and every thing from small to giant things. Snow on mountains, shower of rain, quiet water of lakes, slowly moving wind, blue sky , colorful flowers. The vast and sandy desert has its own beauty. It has unexplainable beauties.


Rising of sun in the glorious twilight and its setting down in fading twilight is the true beauty of nature. When the sun goes up and up it makes whole world golden. At the day time when it shines on the oceans and lakes they spark like diamonds and gold. When sun sets silently it has its own peculiar charm. Only those people can admire its beauty who posses aesthetic sense.


Night comes when nature hides herself in black gown having a lot of stars like diamonds. Stars glitter and make black gown glorious and adorable. Night plays beautiful tunes and shows the new look of nature. The mountains with snow peaks, oceans with tremendous waves, giant trees and slowly changing of seasons highlights the silent power and beauty of nature.

Nature is the mother of everything present on this earth. Like mothers she has provided us all the things that we desired to have. Without nature the life is unimaginable. Mother nature is also a great teacher. She teaches us new lessons of life and makes us strong, courageous, bold and practical. As it is said, “Nature herself makes the wise man rich”.


Beauty is the definition of nature and disaster is another getup of her. This mother nature becomes step mother when it shows the horrible picture in the form of earthquake, bursting volcanoes, floods and windstorms. But it is always attractive, beautiful and inspiring. Man with his ugly activities is destroying the beautiful mother nature. Protecting nature is necessary for our life because existence of life without nature is impossible we should save this nature.

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