Nature's beauty - a list

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I am writing a list of nature's +beauty. Please do join if you love +nature 

1. bees collecting honey from flowers

2. birds flying and going about their duty 

3. small birds being taught to fly 

4. a stream flowing by and the water is so cool and clear 

5. white clouds that look like soft cottony pillows 

6. small kittens and puppies following you

7. fresh green leaves that have dew drops on them 

8. colorful butterflies 

9. the smell of the wet earth after the first rain

The list can go on and on. It is hard to describe +nature completely. If you enjoyed this idea, do put in your own list on how nature enchants you with her beautiful sights, smells and sounds. 

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I am an online content writer and my passion is writing poetry. I am a housewife and also love to do other things like manage the farm and read.

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