Neglected Tropical Diseases

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The goal would be to get rid of or at best manage 10 ignored exotic ailments by 2020 - it will be a community and private partnership , which includes 13 pharmaceutical companies , the UK , US and United Arab Emirate Governments , the World Bank .

The partners have pledged a lot more money to near the shortfall space in the drive to eliminate the following NTDs by 2020 :

Blinding trachoma
Chagas disease
Guinea worm disease
Lymphatic filariasis
River blindness
Sleeping sickness
Soil-transmitted helminthes
Visceral leishmaniasis

WHO has released their manual about how good to fight NTDs in a brand new report, known as "Accelerating work to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases - A road map for implementation". The document lays out exactly what focus on are attainable by 2020.

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