NEVER adopt animals out to the following kinds of people

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No matter how urgent, .

1. Those who don't use their real name or picture on facebook (ex : Aduri Onnesha or Princess Papri with a profile picture of Shakira or Fabio). Okay if you know the person in real life and can vouch for their sanity.

2. Those who use the word "need" when adopting, show desperation or have a deadline. (ex: I desperately NEED a female cat by TOMORROW!). Erm...why?

3. Those who claim to have had *all kinds of pets* (but none are around anymore).

4. Minors or living with parents (OK if you have spoken to the parents and they approve of the adoption).

5. Those who already have multiple animals in the house and want to adopt more. #HoarderAlert! Definitely check if the existing ones are sterilized and vaccinated.

Stereotyping? Perhaps. But it will save lives I tell you.

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