Never say never!

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Have you ever feel like  you are not enjoying  of what you used to do?  Feel lazy,  no motivations at all.  I have a lot of complains, where  if I just wanted to continue everything will  be in the  right place again.  We really just  make our lives complicated  instead of just  make it simplify.    The more that it is simple, the more that our life has no stress. 


But as what we heard always,  life is always a matter of choice.   You can  be sad, sure, but you can  choose to be happy. No matter what the circumstances,  how big, and how it changed to our  present situation.   Sometimes it is just beyond our  control.


But as long as we are here, as long as  God is with us always,  and His words remain in us. We can face challenges, and trials.  Never stop praying for He is their always listening to us. 



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