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Hello everyone I would like to introduce Rise. 

Current value as of this writing is 0.00000618 BTC/RISE or 0.0033 USD/RISE and is rising fast. Expected value during launch date is $1 to $5 USD/RISE

The ICO will begin at 6am (EST) Tuesday, May 10th and end at 11:59pm (EST) Tuesday, June 24th. 

ICO Bonus: 
Day 1 and Day 2 bonus: 25%
 | 1st week bonus beginning on Day 3: 20% | 
2nd week bonus: 15%
 | 3rd week bonus: 10%
 |4th, 5th, 6th week bonus: 0%

All Coins in Escrow: All collected BTC will be held in a multi-signature desktop wallet (Electrum) using the 2-of-3 Multi-Signature to ensure maximum security.

Escrow Partners: Richie Lai, a Founder of Bittrex Exchange and John L. Jegutanis, CTO of Coinomi have agreed to only release the funds once Rise ICO participants receive their tokens.

How To Join?

1. Click here to Register >>> Rise.Vision

2. Go to Profile.

3. Click on "Invest" to get your Bitcoin Address and then send Bitcoins to that address and it will automatically be converted to RISE.

4. Wait for the ICO Launching and Public Exchange.



Here is the video explanation. Click in short this is an investment site for the new coins I will not held any responsibility upon your investing to this site for the reason that it could turn up to a ponzi scheme so invest at your own discretion. only invest what you can afford to lose, however if it turns out good to be true my 0.0002 btc invest will be 130 rise alternatively in June 24th it will be 130$ if the exchange is one, imagine it would be 5$


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