New Dinosaur Has Been Discovered In Venezuela

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What Kind Of Dinosaur Is This?

This new discovered dinosaur in Venezuela was named Tachiraptor Admirabilis and this new discovered dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus Rex's Predecessor. Also this Tachiraptor Admirabilis is meat-eating dinosaur it preyed upon smaller animals. 

Tachiraptor Admirabilis grew up to 4.9 to 6.5 feet that was pretty tall and because it was a predator it might be human-eating dinosaur but thankfully that dinosaurs are extincted.

What Is The Feeling?

Discovering new dinosaur felt great because we will be able to study more dinosaur species and the first word that comes to human's mind when we heard the word "Dinosaur" is "COOL". 

It's true that there are still lots of uncovered truths in this world and there still a lot of things that we do not know yet so humans must keep on searching and studying for us to know everything about this planet and what kind of creatures are there before the age of humans.

There might still be a large number of undiscovered kinds of dinosaurs and who knows maybe the dragons haveexisted before the dinosaurs do. We can never claim that dragons did not existed unless we manage to uncover everything that happened since that world has been built.


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