New Eggs Hatched

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It was my first time to see a chick fresh from its shells and although we didn't see how they were able to get down from their nest were the mother hen laid the eggs, I was totally in awe when I saw them already running here and there! I was about to take a video when they all ran towards their mom and hid in its wings.

The photo above shows me and the little black chick when we already took them off from the nest as there were still eggs which has not been hatched. It's cool that this chick was so active when it was in the ground but stayed calm and still when I already have it in my hand. My boyfriend who was the one breeding these chickens asked me to put it down as it may fall but I told him the chick was really still and so I am sure it won't fall off from my hand. I started rubbing its head with my thumb and it became sleepy. It's totally cute!

When I stopped rubbing it, it somehow opened its eyes and stared at me! I thought it had liked the rubbing so I did it again and it started closing its eyes again! There were actually four of them which had been hatched but the other one was not fully developed, it has closed eyes and legs were not strong enough to walk so we left it with its mother to have a natural incubator.And then after I was done with the black chick, I went over to the little striped eyed chick. It was super active, this was the chick which had made us run after it when it jumped out of its cage while we were attempting to catch it. It stared at me like this for awhile and then continue walking around again, it jumped out off my hand. The same thing happened with the third chick, the gold one.Well then, I guess I have a favorite now and that's the black chick. I am looking forward to be seeing them again once we get back to the province soon.

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