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Here is a new game(set,play)
The principle is simple they are machines has under has l registration(inscription) you obtain 2000 offered tokens + 20 tokens to fill(perform) the personal donnees and 20 free tokens a day!!!!(80 tokens for me)
and confirm your email!!!!

1 - To what are of use tokens, how work the games(sets)?

Tokens allow to play on the various games(sets) presented on our site. The earnings(gains) presented on the games(sets) are often mutliplicateurs of stakes, it means that you will take away(gain) X time your initial putting, knowing that 1 token(counter) = 0.01€*. For example if you fall on the earnings(gain) 10 000x with a putting of 20 tokens, you will take away(gain) 2 000€*. You thus bet tokens to take away(to gain) virtual euros. Euros are virtual, it means that you can demand them on no account or remove them. The virtual euros can be only used in the space presents planned for that purpose. A picture(board) of the possible earnings(gains) according to the stakes in tokens is presented below every game(set,play).

2 - Space out Presents, what functioning?


The objective of the space presents is to fill(perform) balances with the number of virtual euros asked according to the presented presents. When you throw(launch) a virtual euro in pipes(tips), this one goes at random to one of 8 presented presents and adds in his(her,its) balance. However he can arrive that an euro goes to the death's-head, he is lost then definitively.

When you reach(affect) the number of euros asked in one of balance, a crowbar(pliers) comes to look for the present and brings this one in the workshop(studio) of delivery.


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