New Mactan Airport will Rise

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Cebu owns one airport only which is located in the island of Mactan. It is an international airport as it has flights going from and to international cities and countries. It has been facilitating for years and years now. I had been there a lot of times as well for traveling because Bohol’s airport is not accommodating that much compared to Cebu’s.

It had really surprised me upon seeing a link of a video on how the airport will look like in the future. I see great changes in the video and I hope that the reconstruction of the said public place won’t really affect much of the flights coming and going out of the said airport since it is the only main airport available in the said province.

It is really a great advertisement about the province of Cebu because it caters the tourism of the whole province, the Kawasan falls was featured as well as the friendly and gentle gigantic whale sharks of Oslob town. It is quite amazing that these places can be visited in just a few hours after landing in the island.

So I believe that once these major changes will happen, it will be a great asset to the city of Mactan and to the whole island of cebu.

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