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"The bitLanders C-blogging" - Double and Triple Bonus rewards Topics 

The future of blogging - The bitLanders C-blogging

bitLanders, the worldwide blogging platform, introduces the future of blogging "The bitLanders C-blogging", Conversational AI blogging by Querlo powered by IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure with the purpose to provide bloggers the possibility to communicate and establish a conversational relationship with their readers.

Thanks to the world's most prompt technology - Artificial Intelligence, powered by Querlo's conversational AI technology.

Querlo integrates the DeepQA Artificial Intelligence functionality of IBM Watson and Microsoft – a collaboration which sets Querlo apart from other solutions in the market.

We are continuing our promotion for our new project "The bitLanders C-blogging" and here we are to announce new topics for Double and Triple Buzz Bonus rewards! All blogs about the given topic that are submitted for review will receive additional bonus rewards!

What are the topics? Interact with Hillary in this Querlo chat: "bitLanders C-blogging Bonus reward topics" to learn more about the promotion.


Image Credit: screenshot of the Querlo chat - bitLanders C-blogging Bonus reward topics



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