Nine Eleven attacks were from India.

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New Delhi: India's top investigating agency CBI Officers and former police commissioner of New Delhi has revealed that US funding for the Nine Eleven attacks were from India.


 New Delhi Indian Research Institute, former Police Commissioner of CBI has revealed that funding for the 9/11 attacks in America was from India.

The Indian newspaper Hindustan Times Online Edition report released on New Delhi's former CBI boss anarchism Kumar has revealed that us funding for 9/11 blasts in India, funding through kidnapping for ransom, and Omar Sheikh had given the money to attack Muhammad.

Omar Sheikh Aftab Ansari was paid for terrorist attack on the American Centre in Calcutta provided was the mastermind. Aftab Ansari, accused of an attack on the American Centre in West Bengal in prison and the death penalty.

He said they were members of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen were supplied by Asif Raza Khan, all information that Omar Sheikh of India the Indian airline in Exchange for returning the plane up in 1999, was released.

The attack on the World Trade Center, he added Kumar anarchism for the provision of money to Atta Muhammad confirmed

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