Nostalgic feeling on this Morning Rain

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At 4:30 this morning I decided to jog for the weather was cold and make things warm for a while. Normal scene here in our province is foggy and just like the usual many people would love to make a walk and jog every morning at Kaamulan Ground or in around our Capitol. When I left home there were no signs of clear sky, I just thought that maybe that's normal because the place were foggy and can hardly recognize the whole place. 

Just for a while, the fogs were all gone and can see the whole place as it is but still gloomy. I was really excited to welcome Mr. sun but I guess the cloud does not seem to cooperate. And not long enough the rain pours so hard and left me to find shelter from it. The worst is that I am all wet and decided to jog my way home ignoring the rain, I considered that as my preliminary bath for the morning. Considering that I felt really cold but I seem to enjoy the weather and feel blessed at that moment. This is because It has been long I have made a bath under the rain and those times were my precious childhood memories. And now here, nearly 6 o' clock in the morning, wet, cold and freezing but I did love it. 

road on my way home

It's summer and everything about this season is sun's heat and refreshments, rain is rare at this time. This morning rain made me feel a lot special today and had given me a nostalgic feeling for the first time on this kind of weather. The funny thing was I got home around 7 and I was late for work. Sigh! And this time, the rain pours as hard as it could. I am loving the sound and the feeling of it while here at the office comforting myself with hot and delicious coffee.


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