Obama In Arctic To Show Climate Change Threat

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Obama In Arctic To Show Climate Change Threat

The US President is under fire for demanding action on global warming while giving the go-ahead for oil exploration in Alaska.

President Obama in Alaska

Barack Obama has become the first sitting US president to touch down in the Arctic - and promised to save remote communities from the ravages of climate change.

Mr Obama flew into the town of Kotzebue, a community of 3,000 people which is battling coastal erosion caused by melting ice and rising sea levels.

The President's three-day visit to the wild and remote northwestern state is aimed at raising awareness of the urgent need for action on climate change.

President Obama in AlaskaThe President joined children in a performance of native Yu'pik dancing

The final day of the tour saw him meet Alaskans who say their subsistence way of life is under threat.

Mr Obama repeated dire warnings of the catastrophe that awaits the world if climate change is ignored.

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