On A Rainy Day

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It was a hot day of summer. The burning wind moved like flame. Everything looked dry and dull. Man, animals and birds all had taken refuge in safe havens. The greenery looked to be withered in the intensity of heat. Even the streams and brooks were bone-dry. Life came to a standstill. All activity had ended.

Suddenly, the sky was overcast with dark and silvery clouds. A cool refreshing breeze began to blow. Soon it began to fall a light drizzle. It is felling that the atmosphere has changed and a hot day is going to end. Then in no time, it began to rain heavily. The pouring rain seemed to quench the thirst of the dry land. Everything was wet in the heavy rain. Soon the streets began to flow like streams. After half an hour, the rain stopped.

The scene after the rain was very beautiful. The dry leaves turned green and glossy. The trees began to dance in the wind. The dancing green twigs and rustling leaves created sweet soft music. The sky looked clean and blue. There in no dry air and the air is moist. Everyone is very happy because the a hot day of summer is turned into a rainy day. Children began to play like deer. Everything looks clean and fresh. All were happy and thrilled. 

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