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Today i am going to talk about the operation conducted yesterday in Quetta main city of Pakistan on highway by Rangers force of Pakistan.


KARACHI: Law enforcement agencies – Rangers and police – carried out a targeted operation in Quetta Town along Super Highway in wee hours of Sunday and arrested several suspects.Rangers personnel conducted a door-t-door- search operation in Quetta Town on a tip-off regarding presence of criminals in the area. All roads leading to the area were sealed along with deployment of law enforcers on its entry and exit points.

At least 300 personnel of Rangers took part in the operation.Meanwhile, similar raids were also conducted in different parts of the city.Sources told that more than 100 suspects in different parts of the city. Those arrested by Rangers are said to be involved in different criminal activities including extortion collection, kidnapping and target killing.

We hope that the condition of our country should become normal again and every person in our country should live a peaceful life and the lives of great importance should not be lost and our country should progress and prosper like other countries.


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