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A boy carrying his brother in arms while their parents been killed by Israeli Air Force's attack.

It is not a conflict - period! It is purely an aggression - aggression on humanity, aggression of children, women, old and young. Israeli jets bombarded Gaza, leaving 85 people having been reported dead while scores injured. But, the world media is depicting something else - Israel is innocent and Palestinians are the culprits, according to them. Just watch CNN, ABC, FOX News, etc. You will be shocked to see the one who is being brutalized, is being called the culprit and the one who is responsible for the massacre, is being depicted as innocent.
  The reports now say that IDF chief of Staff approved plans for a ground offensive against the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza strip. According to the spokesman Moti Almoz, the attacks will be of more intense nature and IAF (Israeli Air Force) will launch the attacks. Yet, the world leaders are doing absolutely NOTHING. Why? Because they are Muslims and Muslims have no right to live on this planet, according to them and it is no secret anymore. USA is all ready to intervene in Ukranians conflict, supporting Ukraine over Russia but will never speak a word against the Israeli aggression.
 The world is silently watching and turning their backs away while enjoying the HOLY FOOTBALL WORLD CUP. Also, they are only hearing what their media is feeding them, not realising how gross an affect it can bring to their own lives, ultimately. Massive of children are being slaughtered, but those who outcry over even animal rights, are not speaking a single word or doing any kind of help to these poor people, needing our utmost attention in this time of need. The food and water is cut off and people are fasting there in this holy month of Ramadan. At least, your one word against this aggression will make you include in those who are not hypocrites.    

                                        On the other hand, United Nation is playing again a puppet role on this occasion and keeping silent while Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general has "urged" the world leaders to stop Israel and Palestinian fighting each other. Here too, you can see the hypocrisy - this secretary general is urging Palestinians to stop too. Stop what? They might be having missiles which can not even kill a bird, while on the other hand Israel is fully equipped with chemical and atomic weapons, with modern Air Force and capable of launching a massive attack on Gaza and demolish the city in seconds without giving a second thought. Mr. Obama is silent and absence and all he cares right now is Obama Care and increasing taxes on the masses (why? So that the money goes to Israel?).

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The anger is increasing among the Muslims all over the world (and what else can they do? Their own leaders are the US-puppets, plundering their own country and living like kings of the past). At least, Muslims could be together to help those innocent and helpless people - people who gave land and hearts to Jews when they were being slaughtered by Adolf Hitler. Today, the guests have occupied the hosts' land and killing them, especially in this holy month of Ramadan. I have seen numerous videos and photos and I can only do one thing right now - cry over all this and pray that it ends soon.



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