Papaya: The sweetest fruit ever!

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The papaya


I love eating papayas. In my opinion, is the sweetest fruit there is. I consume them all the time and in many ways, for example, I use the papaya beaten with milk, I also mix the papaya with other fruits such as pineapple and ripe bananas by pouring honey over it.


Papaya is a tropical fruit that is very common in my country. This fruit is usually yellow on the outside and inside its color varies from deep red to dark yellow. In its interior contains hundreds of small seeds that in occasions are used for natural remedies.

This fruit is rich in beta carotene which is a pigment that the human body synthesizes in vitamin A. this makes it one of the most convenient fruits to treat deficiencies of this vitamin A. It avors the bones, muscles, skin and also the retina becoming a vital compound for good vision.

So when you want to eat some fruit, I recommend you try papaya.


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