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So last year i was invited to attend the Park In Progress residency in Nottingham, England.. basically park in progress is a roaming residency where each year its taken place in a different city in Europe, i was part of one event in Paris, and then Hungary and finally in Nottingham... it coincided with the World Event Young Artists also held in Nottingham, over 1000 artists from all over the world came and created performance and various artistic exhibitions!


The park in Progress event culminated in an outdoor exhibition in the grounds of Nottingham Castle.  During the week i met a lot of interesting people from all over the place, besides this social element i was able to produce a short experimental video/sound work which was projected outside.. my work called 'Boundary' was made in response to the difficulties in creating a meaningful artwork in a historical landscape.  There were a lot of things we werent allowed to do, to touch, to walk on.. the list was big! My work was a playful yet poetically serious work which poked fun at these restrictions.  Small scale 'actions' with an added sound texture tried to suggest a bigger consequence... The work i did really pushed me in a new direction which i continue to discover and experiment with, ultimately, how the use of sound can create a new sense of an ordinarily banal physical action!


you can see my work in my video uploads!


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