Philippines, the Next Hawaii?

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Yes, this is what a casino gambling tycoon dreams for the Philippines.

Kazuo Okada is opening a new $2.4 billion casino resort in Manila this year.  

Okada's new property in the capital will initially employ around 10,000 people. It will be one of the four mega-casinos he plans to open on a glittering strip fronting Manila Bay, dubbed the Entertainment City.

Kazuo Okada said that he hopes to make the Philippines "the next Hawaii" as he looks forward to expanding his business there.

“The country is targeting revenues of $7 billion, roughly the levels of Singapore and Las Vegas, by 2020, as part of its bid to become one of the world's top gambling destinations, after the Chinese enclave of Macau, the gaming industry's capital.”

In addition to this, Okada is also exploring the possibility of operating beach resorts in the islands of Palawan and Boracay. These two islands are presently two of the major tourist destinations in the country.


He is in a bid to tap the lucrative Chinese market for these outfits.

He foresee that since Beijing, China, is much polluted now; he feels that many people there would want to get away and go to places where they could enjoy fresh air and entertainment, too. He thinks Philippines, which is very near, could be one of those destinations.  

"I would like to make the Philippines the next Hawaii, given that there are a lot of great beaches here,"

he told ABS-CBN television in an aired interview last December, 2016.


God willing, I pray the future of the Philippines will be fruitful, hopeful, and peaceful.

God bless our country.



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