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Hello to the whole wide world!
Do you always drinking water first thing in the morning when you woke up?
Well, I do. And speaking of water, do you always having bottled water?
Do you ever think that this bottled water can be harmful? Yes you heard it right.
The bottled water that you left inside the car is dangerous. When the air condition of the car is off and you left the bottled water, the heat reacts with the chemicals that the bottled water has. It has dioxin. This is the toxin that can be cause of breast cancer.
The Walter Reed Army Medical Center said “no to plastic containers in microwave”, don’t put bottled water into freezers, and don’t wrap microwave with plastics.

Well, here in my place they launched the no to plastics, no to Styrofoam project.

Hope this can help us guys.

Thanks and God bless all.


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