Please STOP !

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Garbage problem in many countries in general and in particular in our country seemed to be a disaster time bomb that will blow up the world. Unbalance waste treatment facilities compared to human-generated waste production and the lack of human consciousness about environmental hygiene caused the existence of more and more rubbish, especially in poor countries and developing countries.

Everyone already knows the dangers posed by rubbish, but people try to control one side and the other side not environmentally conscious humans still throw regardless of the danger.

Time for all human beings in this world should be concerned with the dangers of uncontrolled waste. Developed countries that already successfully handle trash can campaign and provide solutions and to cooperate in the handling of waste in poor countries and in developing countries. Because despite how, waste matter is not only a matter of one country or several countries but this is a world problem. Because of the danger posed any trash that sooner or later will also affect other countries. Are not all countries live in this planet called Earth?

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