Presidential Election “Afghanistan at Critical Position”

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President Hamid Karzai is no more eligible for President Ship according to the constitution of Afghanistan. The time limit of President Karzai is going to be finished in August and will transfer the authority to the new elected candidate. The Afghan Presidential Election among eight candidates was held on 5th April, but no one get 50+ % votes to be eligible for the President Ship. The election has been transferred to the 2nd round of election. In second round there were two candidates who were at the top in first round of election. The leading one is Dr. Abdullah Abdullah who got 42% vote and the one who is at 2nd position is Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai who was successful in getting 34% vote.

The second round of election was held on 14th June. The one who is winner will be the leader of Afghanistan for the coming five years. In the second round according to the analysts is Dr. Ashraf Ghani Amadzai. The reason behind is that most of the candidates in the first round were ethnic Pashtoons and their supporters were also pashtoons. Their supporters make announcements that they will support Dr. Ashraf Ghani in the second round runoff election. According to the observers of both Presidential teams, Dr. Ashraf Ghani is leading more than one million votes against his opponent. Dr. Abdullah also accepts that his competitor is leading one million votes fraudulently.

The dispute over presidential election is started after a few days of 2nd round election. Dr. Abdullah started serious allegations over Chief of Electoral Commission of Afghanistan, Mr. Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhel. He blamed Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhel that he is involved in electoral fraud. He urges to suspend Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhel from his post. But the authorities call for proves that he is involved in electoral fraud. Dr. Abdullah initially failed to give proves. Abdullah and his supporter started protests in the capital, Kabul before the announcement of the election result. Before the situation goes to worse condition, Chief of Electoral Commission Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhel resigned from his post just for the sake of consolidation of Afghanistan and denied the allegations and considered it as a personal clash. Now, Dr. Abdullah gave audio tape recording as a prove that Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhel is involved in electoral fraud. But this audio tape recording is fully condemned by the Election Commission, Intelligence agencies and higher authorities that audio tape recording have no realities and has been considered fake. Now the authorities demanded Abdullah to tell them which agencies provide this fake audio tape recording that create riot inside the country.

Beside this, Abdullah has said that he will deny the initial results announce by the Election Commission till the votes has been purified form fraud. According to the Chief of Election Commission, Mr. Yousaf Noristani, the allegations on election issues have been clarified and send a report theoretically to Dr. Abdullah. UNAMA (United Nations Department) condemn the acts of Dr. Abdullah and call for to rejoin the electoral process. The American Foreign Ministry and Europe appreciated the efforts of Election Commission of Afghanistan. But, Dr. Abdullah still inculpate the efforts of Election Commission that they are not taking step against his opponent and considered one million votes of Dr. Ashraf Ghani as fraud. The Chief of Election Commission and his spokesman remind several times to both candidates especially to Dr. Abdullah that they will process the complaints made against both the candidates. In contrast, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai appreciated the efforts made by election commission and assured to accept the results announced by the Election Commission.

Abdullah’s allegations arose suspicion in the mind of people, as a result people have doubts and distrust on the whole electoral process. The supporter of both candidates thought that the election commission has no respect towards their votes. This situations lead Afghanistan towards destabilization. According to senior analyst of the world, Northern Alliance who was the supporter of Dr. Abdullah wants to destabilize or to divide Afghanistan making such situation by doing protests and denying the electoral results. They added that Dr. Abdullah demand ministries behind the scene from Dr. Ashraf Ghani who is the winning candidate of second round, but Ashraf Ghani denying to do so. Ashraf Ghani argues that if he accepts the requisition of Dr. Abdullah and gives some ministries to him then the concept of democratic election has been demolished and it will be considered disrespect to the people of Afghanistan. This worse situation grapples Afghanistan and pointing towards division.

But the talkative process is still in process between the Election Commission and candidates and we the Afghans are hopeful that a peaceful solution will come out. According to Election Commission the initial result will be announced on Monday, 7th June and they will never accept the finesse of Dr. Abdullah anymore.


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