Preview for an Exclusive Interview Coming Soon - By Matthew Gudwin

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     Soon I will upload a podcast and let everyone listen to an interview I was fortunate enough to give. The interview is with a man who I have been writing about over the last several months. I plan to continue sharing his ideas, stories and wisdom. Below is a sneak peak at some of the questions I asked him.

How can we bring it back to the way life was with morals and treating people properly or do you even think we can?


What is the most-important thing you've learned along the way?


Who is the most-interesting person you have already met or if you haven’t met that person who would you like to meet?


Hope you stayed tuned and enjoy this provocative and informative podcast.



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The following is a series of stories based on one’s man’s wisdom gained over the years from either personal experience or from what was taught to him. It also includes ideas and thoughts about modern society and how many of us are losing our way. It is important to have…

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