Professional Beggars

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 Professional Beggars



The roads in almost all cities of Pakistan are filled with beggars of all conceivable ages and dispositions and beggary has become one of the many ills disabling our society.


Women carrying infants in their arms, children pleading for a coin, the handicapped transported in push carts, a husband and wife seemingly ill with arms around each other's shoulders asking for charity.


These beggars are trying out to more and more innovate styles of begging. Have you seen the couple who give the impression that the woman is sick and the an barely able to support her? 


The man supporting the woman tells the motorists that they are actually on their way to railway station but have lost their ticked money, so maybe they can help them with some money.


Many motorists just drive away sensing the fraud but then come oblige with a smaller amount.




It is the children that are used unashamedly by many beggars. In a recent report in the press, it was disclosed that a child can be rented for certain amount.

More disturbing is the news that children are intentionally maimed and burnt by acid or cigarette stubs to move the hearts of the people.


The thing that concerns many people is the growing aggressiveness of these beggars; behind all these beggars are organized mafias and the involvement of the police.








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