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As part of my course module, titled Professional Film Practise, we were given the task to gain more knowledge and experience in the film industry. This included a list of criteria and tasks we had to achieve, some of these included: an industry report, work experience, crewing and personal development plan. By completing all of these tasks, we will have gained the confidence and also have had a taste of what the industry is about.

Our first task was to research and write a report on our prefered industry. I have always been interested in the film industry and I have focused on directing; so when it came to deciding what to research for the report, It was an easy decision. I started by researching the film industry as a whole, ranging from its history, financial statistics, foreign industries and ways to get into the industry. This was a very rewarding process as I had gained insight and learnt a lot about the film industry that i didn't know before.

From researching ways to get into the industry, I started to focus on music video industry and directors within that area. I looked at directors such as Francis Ford Coppula, who collaborated with various artists but is most renown for directing all the video's for The Strokes first album 'Is This It'

Also with Roman Coppula with his series of pop videos before his breakthrough with 'Seven'. This research helped me realise that directing music videos is something that I might consider pursuing after I finish my course. I made a music video in college and experimented with juxtaposing gaming footage and recorded footage, to simulate reality and violence. The song I made a video for was 'Pieces' by Chase and Status ft Plan B. The song is about a break up and a girlfriend cheating. I got inspiration from the original music video. I tried to recreate some of it styles in my video while keeping to my own concept. The main focus is off a guy sitting in a flat with nothing but drugs, alcohol and a picture of his ex-girlfriend. The video focuses on the guy but mixes between flashbacks and gaming footage of violence. The music video also has a hidden message behind the gaming footage; it is well known that many people believe that violent games make people violent. I disagree with this statement as I believe violent people with display violence and that people are intelligent enough to know what is right and wrong. It's same philosophy of 'If your friend told you to jump off a cliff, does that mean you would?' So Its the same with games. I personally see gaming as a way of escapism and I was trying to show this in my video. Everyone is capable of violence but the way I see it, if I was angry or upset; then I would play a zombie game to virtually release that tension but splattering brains on the walls. I showed this in my video by the heartbroken man being excessive with drugs and alcohol, then cuts to gaming footage where all the violence is simulated.

So since this project I have had an interest in music video and by researching into the music video industry; I have now realised that this is what I want to pursue until I break into the film industry.



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