Psychoanalytic Criticism

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As I read idea of  Freud about writers and thire works which are composed in thire dreams Coleridge,s poem ‘’kabul khan’’ came     my mind .the poem was  composed one night after he experienced an opium influenced dream after reading a work describing xanadu ,the summer palace of the mogol ruler and Emperor of china Kabul khan .

Upon waking he set about writing lines of poetry that came to him from the dream until he was interrupted by a person this poem is somehow evidence to what freud said .if Coleridge,s poem was written through his consciousness why just a person interruption can cause that this poem stay uncompleted while he wrote 200-300 line of the poem just before that person came ?

But I can,t say that all writers works are just what they see in their dreams .

There are many reasons that cause a writer to compose a work of literature .

As an example William carlos Williams’s work ‘’the red wheelbarrow’’is a work that is written through his consciousness .he saw the red wheelbarrow outside an old house .the weather was rainy and white chickens were walking around . it wasn’t a dream or interpretation of dream which was appearing through his work.he saw them and wrote his feeling about them .

So I can say for writers there are many reasons like seeing a scene ,happening dream or etc …that cause them to write a work of literature .Hence ,dream is not the only reason.



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