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Yes I am a "puto-maya fan" since I was small up til the present. I love to eat it in the morning with some sprinkled white sugar on top of it and a spoonful of hot chocolate.

Puto Maya or shall I say sweet sticky rice has been a delight delicacy for Filipinos. We love having it on specific events, fiestas or feasts as well as family events. The recipe has been given to generations and generations as well as the secret addition to which makes it an all time favorite.

My grandmother from the father's side is a good cook of the said delicacy. She usually cooks it during birthdays specially mine because I would ask her for that way way before my birthday comes. But it is not just during events like these that we tend to experience the sweet taste of the delicacy, we also have other local stores which sells them in a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, this one up here was bought from our local score or we call as carenderia. From time to time, whenever I visit home, I would wake up early and join my parents to the public market for a sweet early breakfast with these two. I somehow can finish two to three servings which is really funny.

Nothing really compliments the puto maya than a hot chocolate which is manually made from these cacao seeds, dried up and grounded then melted with hot water which has been constantly beaten with a rolling pin-like kitchen item. My mom usually makes one but since it is one of the causes of high blood pressure, we stopped making it. We would only drink once or twice a month.

I am looking forward to my next puto maya and hot chocolate morning moment!

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