Queen of Mangoes: Sindhri from Pakistan now in UAE

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If mangoes are your palate passion and a dearth of your favourite Pakistani variety last year had left a sour taste, here is the good news: the Sindhri is here and aplenty, and it's time to say yummy again.

The only thing that you can smell these days at Al Aweer Fruits and Vegetable Market are mangoes. The sweet fragrance takes over your senses and the next thing you know, you are standing amid mountains of cartons loaded with the famous Sindhri variety of mangoes from Pakistan.

"If Alphonso from India is crowned the 'King of Mangoes', Sindhri from Pakistan is undoubtedly the 'Queen of Mangoes'," said 44-year-old Mohammed Farouk, a fruit retailer for the last 11 years. "The mood of the buyers has shifted from Alphonso to Sindhri."

No two retailers at the market will have the same selling price for a box of Sindhri and prices range from Dh45 to Dh50.


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