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How can entities from the large multimillion-dollar corporations to the small local activist groups engage their target demographic? The answer used to be surveys- a simple few questions, which are mostly closed response, that can be quantified and analyzed on the macro-level. While this can provide some answers and guidance, it fails to recognize the individual. Are human beings just a number? Surely the survey takers have more to say about a pressing issue than “yes, no, or maybe” and can give more feedback than a 1 though 5 ranking.

Especially, in this new millennial generation that is increasingly self-absorbed with snapchat and instagram, old surveys often curb interest and impede the validity of the data. The old format generates perfunctory approaches to answers; the survey taker seeks to answer the questions in the least amount of time, if they even plan to complete the survey. While many might claim so, the issue is not the millennial generation, but the administrator’s failure to adapt to its new target market.

The answer to this is “Querlo,” which has a slogan that reads “a chat bot with a human touch,” this new technology allows a higher rate of engagement in the collection of data with a few key changes: chat format, adaptability of the chat-bot, and rewards given. The primary genius of querlo is that it is structured in a way that looks like a chat as if it were a private message (PM) on Facebook or direct message (DM) on Instagram, therefore survey takers are more than one checked or unchecked box, and interact on a level deeper than any cookie-cutter survey. Furthermore, the chat constantly changes depending on how the user responds. This technology is based on a tree format, responding yes or no to a question will put the user on a completely different path. Most importantly, the technology rewards people for their opinion- valuing individuality. Big advertising firms pay millions of dollars for this data, why not give the people responsible for this data a piece of what they are worth. All of a sudden people will get paid for what they have to say, sparking incentive to chat with Querlo. 

A key piece of Querlo the accessibility it gives to its users. Anyone can make a Querlo chat and post the link on social media. Querlo can also become native content to any blogger’s page with an embedded quote. The right side of the article, which is usually filled with ridiculous advertisements no one wants to see, can now be a chat in the page itself. If the blog that holds the chat is using the social media platform bitlanders, that blog will gain more points.  This revolutionizes the understanding of web traffic, all of a sudden anyone who writes the article can get feed back on the article as well as understand who his or her readers are, what politics they hold, what interests and hobbies they have, and what brands they use. This gives the blogger the ability to understand, in a more quantifiable if the article targets the demographics wanted and if gives the message intended, more specifically, however, it generates ideas for the next articles.

Although Querlo is a brand new technology, it has been proven to work and has been proven to be highly effective again and again. For example, one case study of a major packaging company, which had a 1% completion rate with traditional surveys, displayed that with Querlo the same packaging company boosted its completion rate to 32%. Studies have also shown Querlo’s ability to thrive in the social media environment: the average time per user’s sessions spent on the site was increased by 800% and the user’s data collected was increased by 400%. Querlo has made it possible collect good data and offer and native content to the page. See how it work for yourself with the chat below:





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