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Hello friends

I’m again with my 5th blog which is about an amazing technology offered by the bitlanders team. This technology is well known on bitlanders and has wonderful features with amazing tools. This technology is known as Querlo.

Yes, my today’s blog topic is Querlo, a chat bot with a human touch. It is also known as Querlo chat survey interactive.

Before I continue I would like to tell you first what actually Querlo is?

What is Querlo?


Image Credits: Querlo website

Querlo is an amazing chat bot technology offered by MTI USA Inc. which is also managing Bitlanders. Querlo helps to understand various things for known something special. Querlo makes learning easy by interactive chat surveys. The surveys are prepared by Querlo to promote and understand various things. You can learn and earn many things with Querlo. Querlo can be used to promote business. Now I will tell you some special advantages of using Querlo. I will also tell you amazing features of Querlo.

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Here is the link for Querlo website;


Advantages of Querlo:


Image Credits: Querlo

Querlo survey chats have various advantages which are now discussed here.

Easy to use:

Querlo chat surveys are used very easily. Simple questions and answers are used to tell user various things. Querlo chat surveys are learned very easily.

Easy to create:

Querlo chat surveys can be created very easily. You can also create your own Querlo chat survey by just logging into Querlo site by your bitlanders login details.

Questions and answers:


Image Credits: mrmediatraining.com

Querlo chat surveys are used with questions and answers concept. It means that you will have to put your comments and suggestion in answers and multiple choice questions.  Using questions and answers is an easy way to communicate with the people.

Easy to learn:


Image Credits: www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com

Querlo chat surveys are easy to learn because of MCQ. You can put your own comments, answers and your suggestions will be beneficial for the company too.

To promote the business:

Querlo chat surveys are used to promote the company or business. You can easily tell your customers about your specific products and they will learn about your items very easily.

On websites:

Querlo chat surveys can be used on any website. You have to use embedded code to paste your desired chat surveys in your own website. The chat surveys will help you a lot and your audience will learn from it.

These are some well-known advantages and features of Querlo. Now I would like to tell you about some Querlo chats. These chats are available for your knowledge.

How often do you travel?


Image Credits: writm.com

This is very interesting chat survey which is about traveling. I think all of our friends love to travel and go here and there for picnic and enjoyment. This activity is very good but a little expensive. But everyone loves it and wants to go to the beautiful locations. This survey asks some interesting questions and you will find it very energetic and amazing. Here I would like to emerge the survey chat for you. Hope you will love it.


Querlo Interactive chat credits: www.querlo.com/chat/Hertz

Do you like golf?


Image Credits: izatys.com

Golf is an amazing game which is liked and played in the whole world. It is very famous in European countries. This game is very interesting and amazing too. The game is played with a ball and a stick. This game is played in a very large ground with beautiful glass and attractive trees. The game is played in our country too. Rich people usually play this game. In Rawalpindi, the golf club is located on Lahore Road. This club is managed by Pakistan army. In this chat survey, you will be asked about some amazing and informative questions about this game. This survey will increase your knowledge about the golf game. Here is the survey presented for you. Hope you will find it informative for you.

Querlo survey credits: www.querlo.com/chat/golf 

What is your favorite sport?


Image Credits: travel.jumia.com

Sports are loved and played in the whole world. Sports contain different games. In Olympics sports games are liked and watched in the whole world. Sports are very good for health. In this short survey chat, you will be asked about your favorite sports game. You will like this survey chat because it contains information about sports and will also give you more information about games and sports.

Here is the survey for you.


Querlo chat credits: www.querlo.com/chat/basketball

Do you think politicians are honest?


Image Credits: affinitymagazine.us

Very interesting question and survey too which will be about politics and politicians. In this survey, you will be asked about your favorite politicians and your favorite politics leader. This survey will be very amazing and informative for you. Answer the questions and find more information about politics.

Here is the survey for you about politics.


Querlo chat credits: www.querlo.com/chat/politicians 

Eid Celebration:


Image Credits: santabanta.com/

This chat is regarding event of Eid which is celebrated in the Muslims community. On the Eid celebration, Muslim people enjoy a lot. We do celebrate Eid with Muslim fellows and relatives. We find it very lovely and charming. We usually go to the relatives and colleagues and enjoy a lot. This Querlo chat will ask you some questions about this event. You will find it very useful because it will ask you about Eid and if you are unaware of it then it will tell you about these events and will also tell you how you have to celebrate these events. You can find more about Eid celebrations here.


Here is the chat survey presented to you to find more about these religious events.


Querlo Chat credits: www.querlo.com/chat/2065

How’s your nightlife?


Image Credits: http://bandungtourexpert.com

This amazing chat survey will ask a few questions about your night life. In this chat survey, you will find many interesting questions and answers about night clubs and night life. I hope you will find this survey very amazing and interesting too.

Here is the survey. Enjoy it and find amazing questions about nightlife!


Querlo Chat credits: www.querlo.com/chat/2069

Querlo chat survey.

This chat survey is also very interesting and informative too. It will tell you about Querlo a chat bot with a heart. It will give you a very clear idea about Querlo platform. This chat survey will tell you what is Querlo? Who are sponsors with Querlo? How to use Querlo? Hope you will find it very helpful and interesting.

Here is the survey.


Querlo Chat survey Credits: www.querlo.com/chat/chatbot

So, friends, I will now end my blog with an amazing video which is also about Querlo. 

Video credits: Youtube via Girl Power

This was a little introduction about Querlo and some mostly used chat surveys. I hope my blog will give you a very clear idea about Querlo and its platform. Thanks for your time and stay tuned for future posts.



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