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Important Announcement:

(Photo Credits: NY Open Judo Championship logo via www.newyorkopenjudo.com)

Event: Annual New York Open Judo Championship Tournament
Venue: New York Athletic Club
Date: March 26, 2017
Major Sponsor: Querlo – the Chatbot with the Human Touch

Please allow me to start this important blog with the essential announcement above. As can be clearly seen, the yearly New York Open Judo Championship Tournament will be held less than a month from now at the prominent New York Athletic Club. Members (even random non-member visitors) are advised to digest the details contained in this post as it will highlight and discuss crucial elements about this annual prestigious event.

New York Athletic Club

(Photo Credit: NYAC logo via www.nyac.org)

NYAC Background

NYAC, which stands for New York Athletic Club, holds rich historical and cultural significance. The club was formed over a century ago based on the idea and awareness of three prominent sportsmen of that period; Henry Buermeyer, John C. Babcock, and William Buckingham Curtis. All three firmly believes in the importance of bringing together and organizing USA’s amateur athletes. Together with eleven athletes who also recognized the significance of organized athletics, the New York Athletic Club was formed in September 8, 1868 at the Knickerbocker Cottage (a popular Manhattan inn located at 6th Avenue and 28th Street)

During those times, the goal of forming the club was simple – and that is to have an organized sports body similar to the rising popularity of organized athletics in the sports scene of England. Although the club’s concept may seem humble, the expectations are definitely high – but surely, none of the founding members could have predict the kind of prestige the club they formed over one hundred years ago now enjoys. Nowadays, the club has thousands of members, have teams in over twenty sports, and two facilities.

NYAC Accomplishments

Since its conception, success stories of the New York Athletic Club came one after another. Interest in the club definitely grew as it welcomed additional members. Research shows that by 1879, the club already had 170 members – and currently has 8,600 members in its roster. Additionally, these members are also fierce and determined which explains how the club was able to accumulate 119 Olympic gold medals, 53 for silver, and 59 bronze medals. Of course, one will assume that the members belonged to teams of different sports. As of posting time, the club has teams on the sports of Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Judo, Lacrosse, Platform Tennis, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Running, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track and Field, etc…

Aside from the medals, facilities, and huge number of prominent members, listed below are other NYAC milestones worth mentioning:

• Introduced the sports of fencing and bicycle racing in the US
• Hosted the first championship events of track and field, wrestling, and boxing in the country
• Built the first squash courts in the US at its headquarters

NYAC Judo Club

(Photo Credits: NYAC Judo via www.nyac.org/judo)

As mentioned above, the NYAC is home to teams of various sports. One of NYAC's most prominent is its Judo Club. NYAC's Judo Club has this goal of supporting and promoting the sport of Judo. Judo itself has a long and proud history. This competitive full contact sport actually inspired or indirectly influenced the birth of other disciplines such as the Russian Sambo and the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The sport of Judo is usually associated as being a fierce modern form of martial arts. Although it focuses on grappling and throwing techniques to take down or immobilize an opponent, the sport teaches the important aspects of body mechanics, balance, fitness, and strength.

Going back to NYAC's Judo club, the first team was formed as early as 1958. Since its formation, the team achieved victories in both national and international competitions – and bringing home numerous titles in both categories. In fact, it is worth noting that NYAC's Judo Club members was also part of the US Olympic squads.

Showcased below are some notable members and people of NYAC's Judo Club:

Teimoc Johnston Ono

(Photo Credits: Teimoc Ono via teimoc.com)

Teimoc is the NYAC’s Judo Club first Olympian – a feat he achieved at the young age of 22. The feat was indeed impressive, and anyone who is familiar with Teimoc’s background in martial arts would agree that he is the real deal.

Teimoc began involved in the world of martial arts at an early age due to his his father’s behest. His father believed that the arts of Judo, Aikido, Kyudo, and Kendo are integral factors of a child’s education. Besides being the club’s first Olympian, Teimoc’s other accomplishments include being one of the youngest Judoka to receive the Black Belt and the only undefeated winner of Brazil’s World Masters Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Jimmy Pedro

(Photo Credits: Budovideos via www.budovideos.com)

Jimmy is a 7th degree Black Belt Judoka (also referred to as a Shichidan). He represented the US four Olympics and won the bronze medal in two of those representations. Jimmy also participated in other Judo international competitions where he grabbed Gold, Silver, and bronze honors. Lastly, he was declared World Champion in 1999.

Jason Morris

(Photo Credits: essportscouncil via essportscouncil.org)

Similar with his co-club member above, Jason is also an Olympian medal winner. This 8th degree black belter won the silver medal during the 1992 summer Olympics – which is of course, just one of his many accomplishments. Nowadays, he is a writer for the Real Judo Magazine and runs one of the best Judo training centers in the country.

Ronda Rousey

(Photo Credits: Narek75 via wikipedia.org)

If you are not that involved in sports - but watched a lot of news or is simply a movie fan - then you are probably familiar or may have heard of Ronda Rousey.

For the past few years Ronda Rousey is the face of different news outlets for various reasons. She made headlines when she beefed with Mayweather Jr., when she dismantled her UFC opponents, she is an actress that appeared in blockbuster movies, and one of the most searched person in the world two years ago.

However, what Ronda is known for (and probably what catapulted her success) is because of her accomplishments in the world of sports. Some readers may already know this, but for those who don't, Rousey was the first American woman to grab a Judo Olympic Medal (Bronze). She was also the women's champion on different MMA sport agencies, and won eleven UFC fights in the first round alone. Ronda was such a dominant force that many analysts and sport bodies ranked her as one of the top athletes.

Kayla Harrison

(Photo Credits: Agência Brasil Fotografias via wikipedia.org)

Ronda Rousey may have been the first American woman to win an Olympic medal – but it is worth noting that she is not the only one to accomplish the feat. Kayla Harrison is another American woman judoka which won (gold) medals in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Aside from winning Olympic gold medals, Kayla also won in the World Championships and Pan American games.

Judo was somewhat natural to Harrison as her mother herself is also a black belt of the sport. She was also a former training partner of Ronda Rousey and was trained by Jimmy Pedro.

Yoichiro Matsumura

Mr. Matsumura is the highly respected head instructor of NYAC's Judo club – a role that he is purposely serving for five decades already. He is often addressed as Sensei Matsumura and is an 8th grade level (8th Dan) judoka.

Francesco Rulli

(Photo Credits: Alena Soboleva Photography via wikipedia.org)

Last but definitely not the least is our very own Francesco Rulli. I'm pretty sure that many members are familiar with who Mr. Rulli is – simply because he is the person who launched bitLanders last 2014 and in 1995, he founded MTI USA Inc. (together with Tomasso Rulli).

Apart from his many accomplishments, Francesco is a member of NYAC's Judo Club. In fact, he is a children’s coach and actively helps in running the club's Saturday morning program. Anyone wondering what is Mr. Rulli's level in Judo – he is a 4th grade judoka.

2017 New York Open Judo Championship

Conceptualized more than 30 years ago, the NYAC Judo Tournament is widely considered as one of the most competitive international tournament in the US. This highly acclaimed tournament attracts international Judo competitors from all around the globe. Any class of Judo athletes are welcome and encouraged to participate (in past events, one can even see Judo Olympic and World Champions).

This year's event will be held on March 26. Although still subject to change, as of posting time, men's preliminary competition will start at 11 am while at 1 pm, the women's competition will begin. Also according to the event's official website (NewYorkOpenJudo.com):

The event will be held at the NYAC city house – 180 Central Park South (at 7th Avenue), New York City
• NYAC members and guests can meet and greet the Judo club's professional athletes and coaches
• After the competitions, banquet dinner will commence at the NYAC's 9th floor where beer and pasta will be served. Sake tasting is also included

Spectacular NY Open Judo Tournament Videos

To truly appreciate this popular event, videos of previous tournaments are available in YouTube courtesy of Film Annex. For those who are not aware, Film Annex is another service or platform from MTI USA Inc.

According to Crunchbase --

Film Annex is an online film distribution platform and Web Television Network. Its mission is to finance the productions of independent filmmakers and other content providers through the use of its distribution technology. Film Annex Web TV Network.

Anyway, below are two impressive videos from previous competitions:

2014 New York Open Judo Championship Final Match (France Vs Germany)

(Video Credits: Film Annex via YouTube.com)

New York Judo Open 2010 Highlights

(Video Credits: Film Annex via YouTube.com)

Querlo – a major sponsor of the NYAC Open Judo Tournament

(Photo Credits: New York Open Judo via www.newyorkopenjudo.com)

Querlo, dubbed as the Chatbot with the Human Touch, is the latest platform launched by MTI USA Inc. Basically, MTI is the holding company of both bitLanders and Querlo.

For the last six years, MTI has been sponsoring NYAC’s yearly Open Judo Championship – and this year’s tournament will be no exception as Querlo will be a major sponsor of this very important event.

We now arrived at the conclusion of this blog. Make sure to check out and engage with the innovative and interactive Querlo Judo chat below for more interesting information about Judo and the NYAC Open Judo Championship.

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